10th Annual John D. Loeser Pain Conference: Updates on Essential Issues

For primary care providers (PCPs) working in clinic settings where they manage and work with acute or chronic non-cancer pain patients. Other interested parties may include providers in rehabilitation medicine, occupational medicine, psychiatry, physical therapy, and trainees in all of the above fields. The Loeser Pain conference provides cogent, evidence-based and useful information for primary care providers of all kinds. Chronic pain is a very common complaint, and many providers find treatment challenging with or without opioid prescribing. The lectures will cover many topics, including safer approaches to opioid prescribing, the use of buprenorphine in pain and addiction, the use of complementary medicine in pain, and special topics including abdominal pain, nerve pain, and using technology in pain treatment. Presentations are given in a lecture format with slides and videos, with question and answer sessions after each block. The syllabus will be available online.