Womens Healthcare Update

Women's Healthcare Update is intended to address the target audiences of academic and community based primary care providers who care for women, including allied healthcare professionals, internists, family practitioners, ob/gyns, residents, and fellows.

This conference is an annual update for health care providers on current topics relevant to women’s health. The topics are selected from suggestions from previous course attendees, areas with substantial change, and controversial subjects where medical opinions may differ. The purpose is to provide a clinical update for providers who care for women in an outpatient setting. The format is a series of short lectures followed by question and answer sessions.

Upon completion of this activity, attendees should be able to provide the following for women:

  • Apply recommendations regarding screening for cervical cancer and colon cancer
  • Identify women at risk for hereditary cancer syndromes
  • Review principles of psychiatric medication use in pregnancy
  • Provide management of common mental health medications and associated side effects
  • Understand treatment options for women with overactive bladder
  • Assist patients in reproductive life planning, including counseling regarding oocyte cryopreservation
  • Identify women for hepatitis C screening, counsel women to minimize risk of perinatal Zika transmission, and provide new HIV prevention options
  • Apply NAMS 2017 treatment guidelines for menopause
  • Evaluate pain complaints and provide non-narcotic pain relief modalities

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